Ready to become a Citizen? 

Don't go through the process alone, BCCRD can help!


BCCRD offers weekly citizenship classes, to help prepare for the USCIS citizenship test. Unlike some programs, our classes are completely FREE of charge. Our classes accept students of any SPL level, and will cater to any learning challenge. Call for availability. 

Once you have successfully taken our 12 week class, we can then help you fill out all necessary forms. From the application for citizenship to a fee or disability waiver form, we are here to help!

The U.S. Constitution invites newcomers to participate in the democratic process. BCCRD’s citizenship program responds to a continuing demand for citizenship services in the North Shore and the greater Boston area, and the particular needs of refugees who will be reaching seven years in the U.S. and are vulnerable to the loss SSI benefits. 

Citizenship bestows upon foreign-born individuals the right to vote, to participate more effictively in local and community politics, to serve the country as civilian or militart government workers and to become more fully engaged participants in the life od their city, state and country. 


The Citizenship for New Americans Program (CNAP)  was launched in October 2006 to help legal permanant residents of Massachusetts become U.S. Citizens.  


We can also offer translation services in a number of different languages. 


Additional Immigration/Citizenship Services:

 - Voter Registration Assistance

-consular assistance with visas and passports.

 - Completion and filing of citizenship application

- Provide translation and interpretation as part of filing process

- Follow up on pending cases in a timely manner

- Tracking all cases and maintain complete and accurate records and reports


In addition to helping applicants navigate the complex naturalization process, CNAP providers encourage civic engagement in a variety of ways. Several programs have combined forces to hold voter registration drives.