Sherpas of the World and Nepali Translation

Dr. Adnan Zubcevic, Executive Director

Translated by Lalita Sharma, Case Manager

Back in Bosnia in 1977, in Sarajevo, I was invited one evening by a local chapter of a program similar to National Geographic society the US, to attend a presentation. This presentation was a documentary, filmed by one of our own mountain hikers, who, amongst other places, climbed Kilimanjaro peaks, Mt. Everest and, not to mention numerous mountain tops in former Yugoslavia. A devout mountain climber myself, I was anxious to see what is the presentation about.  The presentation, I remember well, started at 8 pm sharp with a picture on large screen showing a deep dark blue background with millions of tiny lights across it. I will admit, keep that image in my mind, like some treasure, up to this day. The presenter came about and started telling us about his climb to the highest peak of Himalayas, where, up to the point, he was guided by Nepali Sherpa. All of us in the audience, still impressed by the picture, asked what it presents, as we could not figure it out. He paused and then , with a smile, probably intrigued by the fact that we were so interested, said that it was a photograph he has taken from the top of Himalayas. It showed the night sky covered with stars and the valleys underneath, but in such a way that one could not tell where the sky ends and the earth begins.  That was my first encounter with Nepal and that region in general. Later, life has taken me to India and many other amazing places God has gifted the human kind with, but I took this picture and the story of countries the hiker talked about-Bhutan and Nepal, with me forever.  The film, as his story went on, pictured Katmandu with a main square at that time. There was a road, just dry brownish dirt, and a big cow sitting in the middle of it looking at camera. A bird, do not know which kind, was jumping on cows back. A little monkey was running around and people in beautiful clothes were passing by calmly. Sherpa was smiling, with a steady, large grin on his bearded face, as if telling us” I am your host here, and do not worry, you will be ok”. A picture from a far and distant time, and it felt almost as if everything and everybody was in a beautiful harmony of life.

In our first issue of renewed “Izvor”, we have promised to take you on a journey and wanted to bring you into the world which is different than the one we see in the news every day. This is why I am writing about Nepal and Bhutan and Himalayas and sherpas. Also, this issue is devoted to that region of the world and to our staff-Lalita, Gopal, Guyan and Lok, who we are lucky to have in our team.

These wonderful people all came from there, some as refugees, from the camps in Nepal, where they spent 15 or more years in tents made of grass, or as immigrants, coming to US to help their children live in the world which provides opportunities for all.

As a part of our program, our Nepali/ Bhutanese case workers have created outreach programs for their respective communities and found home in BCCRD, Inc. We took parts in Festivals of Divala, helped grow Bhutanese dance group, watched Lalita and her girls dance away in their colorful costumes and learned about life in their home lands. We also learned that although small, their countries can bring a lot of light to the world around. We are so proud that they can help their communities and teach us about their arts, traditions and complexities life in the US can bring to the refugee.

Just recently, thanks to Gyan and Lalita, I was invited to a dinner in Weymouth organized by a local chapter of Himalayas Lions Club. There, I had an honor to meet with a renowned academic from a Nepal poet himself who spent some time talking to me about his ideas of the roles of minority groups in Nepal and his outlook on customs and traditions there. It was a wonderful evening, and as gift, we received a book he has written and a DVD showcasing Nepali culture. We are, in collaboration with American Red Cross and Himalayan Lions Club working to organize a blood drive for their community as well.

Dear reader, in the world we live in, in the chaos of everyday life, rents, mortgages, utility bills, we frequently forget that the picture is much, much bigger that our trip to Stop and Shop. We see people running by and we often avoid contacts and conversations, not giving ourselves a chance to really learn about people and their destinies, hopes and dreams. At the end of this introduction, I would like to bring you back to the picture I described at the beginning of the story-the picture of the sky and earth living peacefully in unison not even wondering where the boundaries may be. Close your eyes and travel there. Like we do in our trip to Bhutan and Nepal, imagine a world vibrating in the pulse of the universe, as we all belong to it. And help us become Sherpas to some new groups arriving here, so that they may run happily to the better, new world.

That will be our gift to this planet. Then we could say that we deserve to be citizens of the planet called Earth. And that is a lot.




नया संसार को शेर्पा हरु

१९७७ मा बोस्निया सराएवोको   एक लोकल व्यक्तिले   नशेनल  जेओग्राफिक जस्तै एक कार्यक्रमको प्रस्तुतीकरण हेर्नको  लागि  मलाई निमत्रना थियो | यो प्रस्तुतीकरण एक

(दोकुमेटेरी) वृत्तचित्र   हाम्रै  माझको एक जना हिमालय चड्ने  जसले किलिमन्जारोको टापू,सगरमाथा तथा पुर्व युकोस्लावियाका टापुहरु  अरु अनगिन्ति हिमालयको टुप्पोमा पुगिसकेको थिए  | म  पनि एक हिमालय चड्ने रुचि लीने व्यक्ति भएकोले मलाई यो  प्रस्तुति के कस्तो हुने हो भनि ज्यादै उत्सुकता थियो |

यो प्रस्तुति साँझको ठिक  ८ बजे एक ठुलो पर्दामा जसको पृष्ठभुमि गाडा  नीला जसमा लाखौं साना बतीहरु वार र पार झल्कि रहेको थियो |   त्यो अमुल्य  दृश्य आज पनि मेरो मन्न मस्त्मा छापिएको छ | उक्त प्रस्तुतिकर्ताले आफ्नो हिमालयको टुप्पो सम्म पुग्ने श्रेय नेपाली शेर्पालाइ दिनु हुन्छ र भन्नु हुन्छ कि शेर्पाले वहाँलई धेरै  मदत पुराउनु भएको थियो | हामी सबै जना चकित थियौं कि  त्यो अति सुन्दर द्रश्य के थियो | वहाँ एक छिन् रोकेर अनि हास्नु भो  अनि भन्नु भो कि  वाहाँले त्यो सुन्दर दृश्य हिमालय को टुपो   बटा खिच्नु   भएको थियो|

त्यो नेपाल सित मेरो पहिलो  दर्शन  थियो| पछि  त्यस वृतचित्रले मलाई भारत तथा अरु विभिन्न इश्वरले बनाएका   रमाइलो  राम्रा  सुन्दर देशहरु   तर्फ मलाई दोराउन्दै  लाग्यो, तर मैले त्यो दृश्य र विभिन्न देशहरुको कथाहरु , जस्तै   हिमालय चड्ने व्यक्ति जसले भुटान  र नेपालको वर्णन गर्नु हुदै, त्यो  ति सब मैले आफु संग लगे | त्यस  वृत्तचित्र काठमाडौँको त्यो बेलाको  मुख्य चौरास्ता, त्यहाँ एक ठुलो गाइ बीच बाटोमा बसिरहेको र साथै   तारा ले भरिएको माथि आकाश र मुन्तिर उपत्यका |यो द्रश्य यस प्रकारको थियो  कि कसैले छुटयानु सग्दैन थियो कि कहाँ आकाशको अन्त हुन्छ र कहाँ पृथ्वी  सुरुवात हुन्छ|यौटा चरा गाइको ढाडमा उफ्री रहेको ,एउटा सानु बाँदर दौडी रहेको, मानिसहरु राम्रा पोशाक लगाई सान्त भै  हिडिरहेका|त्यस  दृश्यमा एक शेर्पा जसको दाड़ी लामो वहाँ हांसी  रहेको थियो , मलाइ  यस्तो लागि   रहेको थियो कि त्यस शेर्पाले हामीलाई "म तपाइहरुको  स्वागत कर्ता हुन, तपाइँहरुले पिर नगर्नु सब ठिक हुने छ" एउटा द्रश्य पर  र दुर  यस्तो लाग्दै थियो सबै सामान र सबै जनाको जीवनमा एकता थियो |

हाम्रो प्रथम नवीकृत प्रकाशन इज्ज्वोर :" हामिले प्रतिज्ञा गर्दै  तपाईंहरुलाइ यात्र गराउंदै  त्यस  यात्राको दुनिया जो  सबै भन्दा बेग्लै, जस्तै हरेक दिन को समचार | त्यसकारण म भुटान,नेपाल , हिमालयहरु र शेर्पाहरु बारेमा लेख्दै छु | यो प्रकाशन  दुनियाको त्यस क्षेत्र र हाम्रा कर्माचारीहरु गोपाल , ज्ञान, ललिता, लोक | हामि भाग्यमानि छौं कि हामी सब एक समूह, एक संस्थामा छौं |

ई अतिउतम  जन जातिहरु सबै त्यस मुलुकबाट आएका हुन , कोहि शरणार्थीहरु नेपालको कम्पमा १५ बर्ष   तम्भु (टेन्ट )मा , र कोहि प्रवासी नागरिकहरु अमेरिकामा  आफ्ना बालबालिकाहरु को एक राम्रो अवसर र सफलताको जीवन  सबैलाई   दिनुमा मदत गर्दै आइरहेका छन् | हालचाललाई  ललिता र ज्ञानलाइ म धयाँबाद दिन्छु  | मलाई हिमालय लायन्स क्लबका एक कार्यकर्ता दुवारा वेय्मोउन्थमा आयोजित एक कबि गोष्ठी समारोहमा भाग लिन निमंत्रना दिनु भएको थियो ,  वहाँ मैले नेपालको एक प्रसिध शैशिक संग भेट गर्नु पाउँदा मेरो निम्ति एक सम्मान थियो |

दोक्टर तुलिसा दिवस एक कवि अल्प संख्याक नेपालका समूह, सीमा शुल्क, परम्परा माथि आफ्नो   दृस्टीकोकोणको भूमिकाबारेमा   केहि समय म संग कुराकानी गर्नु भो| यो एउटा रमाइलो साँझ थियो र एक उपहारको रूपमा हामीले वहाँ  बाट लिखित  एउटा किताब र नेपाली संकृतिको प्रदर्शनको एक  डी वि डी प्राप्त गरेका छौं |

हामी अमेरिकन रेड क्रोस र हिमालय लायुन्स क्लुब ले आयोजना गर्न गइ रहेको रक्तदान  कार्यक्रममा पनि मदत गर्ने छौँ |

प्रिय दर्शक दुनियाको दिनप्रतिदिनको पिडित जिन्दगि, भाडा,लॊन ,( बन्धक) , पानि ,बतीको रकम बिल तीर्दा तिर्दै हैरान हुन्छौं | हामि अक्सर   बिर्सी दिन्छौं त्यो  चित्र हाम्रो यात्रा भन्दा पनि ठुलो छ |

हामी हिडिरहेको मानिसहरुलाइ देखछौँ, तर हामी अक्सर उनीहरु संग सम्पर्क र कुराकानी गर्न चाहदैनौं र वास्तवमा हामी आफुलाई मौका दिन चाहँदैनौं उनीहरुको नियति आशा र सपनाहरुको बारेमा जान्न |

यस परिचयको अन्तमा म तपाईंहरुको  सामु  त्यहि दृश्य फेरि लाउनु चाहन्छु जुन मैले शुरुमा वर्णन गरेको थिए त्यहि कथा, निलो आकाश र पृथ्वी आफ्नो सिमानाको कहाँ अन्त हुन्छ भनि केहि मतलब नराखी   शान्तभै बसेका छ्न | त्यसैले आफ्नो आखा बन्द गर्नु र त्यहाँ यात्रा गरौँ जस्तै हामी भुटान र नेपालको यात्राको बारेमा कलपना गर्यौं ठिक त्यसै गरि हामी कल्पना गरौँ एक पृथ्वी छ, ब्रह्माण्डको नाडीमा हली रहेको र यसै संसारका हामी हौँ | हामीलाई मदत गर्नुहोस यस नया समुहको शेर्पा  बन्नमा| र नया आगमन  समूहलाइ खुशी साथ्   अगाडी बढाउँ |

यही  यस ग्रहको लागि हाम्रो उपहार हुनेछ | तब हामी पृथ्वी नामक ग्रहको एक नागरिक हुन लायक हुन्छौं र त्यही नि धेरै हुनेछ |