The Conflict in Syria

Taylor Nelson, Intern Spring 2013


Syria; one could say is a misfortunate country with past ties to conquering nations such as France, Britain and the late Ottoman Empire. Syria has only been free of foreign rule for around sixty years. These years have been nowhere near peaceful or stable with continuous power struggles between the Baath party, more conservative parties and the dominant Sunni ethnic group rebel for democratic rule.

Currently in the country of Syria there are 400,000 homeless refugees and more than 40,000 have died. It began when the current President Bashar al-Assad sent military combat to the peaceful protests that began in March of 2011 which started a war on his very own people. It is said that 150-200 civilians continue to die each day. (Kadr 2012).

Syrian History

As the military began to grow students grew aware of freedom, democracy and human rights. They began to protest injustices going on in Palestine and rallied against labor laws in the late 1940’s, early 50’s. The riots became too much and chief of staff HusniAz-Zaim declared martial law and closed the schools. (1969).

During the first three years of the Republic there was a drought along with locusts. These events severely affected Syria’s economy but with the help of the Soviets for financial support they pulled through. The Baath party begins to weaken at this time due to its lack of a united front and four Baath party members resign from the UAR parliament. (1969).

The instability of Syria has been around since it first became a sovereign state. Alliances have come and gone and the switch of military and “democratic” power has continued to go back and forth. But one thing has remained the same; Syria’s people have continued to fight for democracy. That can be seen with the countless protests and riots by students and civilians. These trends have been repeated up until now. (1969).

In 1963, Syria’s tie’s with UAR weakens leaving Syria isolated. The country is taken into the hands of military dictatorship. The peasants tend to enjoy the Baath regimes since they imposed an agrarian reform which was very beneficial to them. (1969).

The Baath party starts to put Islamic traditions aside starting a slow uprising in the people of Syria. Mosques begin to deny Baath party members from entering and University students protest in the street. 65 members of a congregation where shotcausing a state of emergency. On April 24, 1964, an interim constitution is formed stating that Syria is a democratic and socialist republic and the inhabitants are a part of an Arab nation and believe in Arab unity. In 1965, the mosques begin telling it’s congregation to oppose the government in defense of religion. The government confiscates 69 shops due to protesting. As the people begin to rebel more, the governments’ military control increases.(1969).

The Baath party consists predominately of the minority ethnic group, the Alewites. The Alewite sect; was originally called Nusairism and emerged in Syria around the 9th and 10th century. Alawite means “follower of Ali”, who was a cousin of the prophet Muhammad. They believe Ali was the true heir to Muhammad. Since they believe Ali is like a deity or god, Sunni Muslims tend to look down on them. Many practice in secret to avoid persecution. Only 12 %( under 3 million) of the population of Syria areAlewite. Alawites are seen be other Muslims as very liberal and even secular. Women are not encouraged to wear the hejab and may choose not to fast or pray. Alawites practices include: celebrating Christmas and observing the zoroastrain new year. Hafez al-Asaad’s identity as an Alawite helped him gain loyalty of the minority groups in Syria to whom he promised rights and protection. (BBC May).

The Baath party was founded in1947, by Michel Aflaq who was a Syrian teacher. (July 9th). The party is described as Arab nationalistic party. One of the Baath party members was Sadaam Hussein who had close ties with the founder;Aflaq. Their slogan is, “Unity, freedom and Socialism”.  When the Baath gained control Baath ideologies began to be taught in public schools across Syria. They also controlled trade unions and the Baath military committee monitored the military. All other political parties were banned except the NPF (National Progressive Front) which in fact accept Baath politics.(July 9th).

Sadaam and Aflaqeventually split the Baath party and moved to Iraq. Aflaq was then put on trial along with other Baath party veterans and they were then sentenced to death by the Syrian government. (July 9th).

When Bashar al-Assad inherited power in 2000, after his father’s death; he presented himself as a “reformer”. He released political prisoners and allowed the nation’s first independent newspaper. Yet his economic liberalism continued to only affect the elite. In 2001, his reforming days were over he began to make many restrictions including detaining political activists without warrants.

Throughout his rule Bashar al-Asaad continues to keep ties with Russia and China. In 2003, he vocally apposed U.S.’s invasion of Iraq. He was also found a suspect in the assassination of the Lebanese prime minister;RafikHarin in 2005 by the United Nations. (Dec. 7th).

When teenage student activist were arrested and tortured in Deraa in March of 2011, pro-democracy groups in Syria began to protest. The Bashar administrations responded by shooting down four of the protesters. It did not end there; attendees of the protesters funerals were also shot by the military. This events triggered more rebellions among many groups now demanding the overthrow of Assad. In 2012 the UN proposed cease fire; it failed. Violent massacres then occurred that were also brought on by the military. Many were killed in multiple different villages. (BBC Aug. 6th). After the failed cease fire Arab UN leader Kofi Annad tried calling for stronger international attention and action but Russia and China remain loyal to their allies and refused.In December of 2011, 4,000 members of the military are accused of crimes against humanity by the UN. Civilians continue to face the threat of violence every day.

The fighting has also affected the nation’s economy. Aleppo; Syria’s largest city which holds the industrial and financial power house to the country’s wealth is struggling. The government knows of its importance and says it’s the city that essentially “feeds Syria”.

 The FSA (Free Syria Army) is brave front against Assad military it is a large group of 40,000 composed mostly of military men. The army was first formed in August of 2011 by Syrian government army deserters based in Turkey. Their leader;Niyid al-Assad was a former air force colonel for Bashar al-Assad. The battle is hard against Bashar Asaad’s army of 200,000. When small victories occur; hope arises.

 Early November of 2012, The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces was developed as an umbrella organization to unite all opposing forces. ) In addition to uniting all the opposition groups the coalition also makes it easier for foreign policy to send their help which increases the chance of beating Assad. Rad Seif is one of major leaders in the council and helped draft the original documentation of the group. He is an opposition leader of Damascus declaration group and has been arrested multiple times for criticizing Assad.

On November 13th, France becomes the 1st western country to recognize the newly formed Syrian opposition coalition called the national coalition of Syrian revolutionary and opposition forces and talks of possibly arming the group. Also on November 13th the Arab League says it will now acknowledge the council as representation of Syria. The fate of Syria is still unknown as long as the rebels and Asaad keep fighting more will be killed. Perhaps, it will see peace soon.

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids

BOSANSKA DOLINA PIRAMIDA NAPOKON JE PROBILA SVJETSKU MEDIJSKU BLOKADU: “History Channel”, jedna od tri najveće svjetske naučno-dokumentarne televizije (History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic) u emisiji “Tajne piramida” od 21.12.2012. vrlo afirmativno govori o otkriću bosanskih piramida. “History Channel” ima svjetsku popularnost i gledaju ga milijuni ljudi u više od stotinu zemalja. Osnovne poruke te emisije su bile da su “Bosanske piramide najveće na svijetu”, da su “piramide građene na svim kontinentima” te da “postoje otpori otkrivanju bosanskih i kineskih piramida”. 

Na ovaj način dolazi do preokreta u globalnom tretmanu bosanskih piramida. Popušta medijska blokada, ruše se dogmatski stavovi da su piramide građene kao faraonske grobnice. Sada se otvara prostor da se sazna istina o svrsi najstarijih, superiornih piramida od Kine, Egipta i Maruicijusa, preko Bosne, Perua, Bolivije do Mezoamerike i Kahokja piramida u SAD.[ Bosanske piramide:emisija  od 25. minute  na]

NEGATIVNI IONI U PODZEMNOM LABIRINTU: Svjedočanstva mnogobrojnih turista u 2011. i 2012. da im je boravak u Podzemnom labirintu “Ravne” donio zdravstvena poboljšanja inicirao je niz istraživanja Fondacije “Arheološki park: Bosanska piramida Sunca” kako bi se našla naučna potvrda tim tvrdnjama.
Tim Fondacije izvršio je mjerenja koncentracije negativnih jona na 19 kontrolnih tačaka, od čega na jednoj lokaciji u Sarajevu (kod hotela Holiday Inn), jednu u Visokom (pred ulazom u Podzemni labirint “Ravne”) i 17 lokacija unutar Podzemnog labirinta. Negativni joni su atomi ili molekule koje imaju više elektrona nego protona u svom nukleusu. Oni čiste zrak od prašine, spora, plijesni i peluda tako što se vezuju za njih i onda pod težinom padaju na pod umjesto da lebde u zraku, te ih više ne mozemo udisati i dobijati alergijske reakcije. Viša koncentracija negativnih jona je u šumama, na planinama, uz more i vodopade. Negativni joni uništavaju bakterije , ozivljavaju  naše ċelije, povećavaju kapacitet kiseonika u krvi, poboljšavaju rad metabolizma, povećavaju moć koncentracije i budnost, uklanjaju umor, povećavaju otpornost prema bolestima, iznimno dobro utječu protiv glavobolje, nesanice, zatvora, alergija, astme…
Istraživanja pokazuju da je koncentracija negativnih jona po kubnom centimetru (-ons/cc) zabilježena u slijedećim vrijednostima: kancelarije u firmama u gradskim centrima: 25 – 100; zagađeni auto-putevi: 100; ulice u velikim gradovima: 250 – 450; na selu: 800 - 1.800; planine: 5.000.
Provedeno mjerenje od 24. Decembra, 2012. Godine  u Podzemnom labirintu  Ravne je pokazalo slijedeće vrijednosti (-ons/cc): na ulazu u Podzemni labirint: 400; 40 m od ulaza: 3.000; Megalit K-1, 160 m od ulaza: 10.000; Megalit K-2, 180 m od ulaza: 13.500; podzemna prostorija, “ljekovita komora”, 220 m od ulaza: 18.000. Prema tome, koncentracija negativnih jona u prostorijama Podzemnog labirinta je četverostruko viša (i zdravija) nego na planinama!

BIOFOTONSKA MJERENJA U PODZEMNIM TUNELIMA: Istraživački tim iz Slovenije, predvođen Ivanom Novakom, posjetio je lokacije Bosanske doline piramida 11.-13. janaura 2013. Tom prilikom su mjerili vibracijski kvalitet koristeći Bovijevu skalu (“Bovis Scale”). Energija koja se mjeri Bovijevom skalom se još naziva i biofotonska energija,
Broj 6.500 na Bovijevoj skali se smatra “dovoljnim” da održava energetski balans organizma. Energetsku vrijednost od 6.500 bovija nalazimo, na primjer, u svježem povrću. Sve iznad ove vrijednosti se odražava pozitivno na ljudsko zdravlje. Svježe voće ili sjemenke imaju vrijednosti od 8.000 – 10.000 na Bovijevoj skali. I, obrnuto. Ukoliko smo okruženi ili se hranimo vrijednostima ispod 6.500 to se negativno odražava na naš organizam. U velikim gradovima, voda iz vodovoda ima vrijednost od samo 3.500 na Bovijevoj skali što utiče na sniženu energiju organizma i pad imuniteta.\
Primjeri Bovijeve skale: Poželjna vrijednost za čovjeka: 8.000 – 10.000; Prosječna vrijednost koju ostvaruje  Planeta: 7.000 – 18.000; Osoba odličnog zdravlja: 8.500 bovija; Osoba dobrog zdravlja: 7.500; Umorna osoba: 6.500; Jako umorna osoba, na granici bolesti: 6.000; Osoba koja može da liječi dodirom: iznad 9.000; Atmosfera u tibetanskom hramu: 14.000.
Ivan Novak je mjerio biofotonske vrijednosti u Bosanskoj dolini piramida. Ovo su rezultati u bovijima: Ulaz u Podzemni labirint: 15.000; Jajoliki monolit: 21.000; Megalit K-1: 25.000; Megalit K-2: 25.000; Ljekovita komora: 25.000
Kao što se vidi najveći dio podzemnih tunela i prostorija ima izvanredno energetsko osvježavajuće djelovanje. Stoga se gotovo svi posjetioci ove lokacije osjećaju da su “napunili baterije” prilikom jednosatne posjete. Visoka koncentracija bovija prija produhovljenim osobama koje u tunelima mogu ostati satima i da se odlično osjećaju.


History Channel," one of the three largest global scientific and documentary televisions, (History Channel, Discovery, and National Geographic), in the "Secrets of the Pyramids" of December 21, 2012, speaks very positively about the discovery of the Bosnian pyramids. "History Channel" has worldwide popularity and millionswatch this program in more than hundred countries. Messages programemphasized were that "Bosnian Pyramid is the largest in the world" that "the pyramids were built on every continent," and that "there is resistance to legitimacy of Bosnian and Chinese Pyramids."

This program creates a shift in the global perception and acceptance of the Bosnian pyramids. "Now there is an opportunity to find out the truth about the purpose of the oldest pyramids of China, Egypt and Mauricius, as well as those from Bosnia, Peru and Bolivia to Mesoamerica and Kahoka Pyramid in the U.S.A. [Bosnian Pyramids: emission of 25 minutes on minute ...]

Negative ions inthe underground labyrinth: Testimonies of many tourists in 2011th

and 2012thwho visited the underground labyrinth "Ravne" show improvements in their overall health and have initiated a series of studies by the Foundation "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" in order to scientific confirmthese claims.
Foundation team carried out measurement of the negative ion concentration at 19 control points, one at location in Sarajevo (at Holiday Inn), one in the High (the entrance to the underground maze of ""Ravne" and 17 locations inside the underground maze. Negative ions are atoms or molecules that have more electrons than protons in its nucleus. They clean the air of dust, spores, mold and pollen, and then due to their weight they fall on the floor instead of floating in the air, thus contributing to cleaner air breathing and fewer allergicreactions. The higest concentration of negative ionsis found in the woods, on the mountains, near the sea and close to waterfalls. Negative ions destroy bacteria, revitalize our cells, increase the volume of oxygen in the blood, improve metabolism, increase concentration and alertness, eliminate fatigue, increase resistance to disease, have a positiveeffect on headache, insomnia, constipation, allergies, asthma ...
Research shows that the concentration of negative ions per cubic centimeter (-ons/cc) was recorded as follows: Offices in urban centers: 25 - 100; polluted highways: 100; streets in major cities: 250 - 450;  countryside : 800 - 1,800; mountains: 5,000.
Conducted measurements on December 24 in the underground labyrinth Straight showed following values   (-ons/cc): at the entrance to the underground maze: 400, 40 m away from the entrance: 3,000; megalith K-1, 160 yards away from the entrance: 10,000; megalith K-2, 180 m of inputs: 13,500, underground room, "healing chamber", 220 m from the entrance: 18,000. Therefore, the concentration of negative ions in the premises of the Underground labyrinth is fourfold higher (and healthier) than in the mountains!

BIOFOTON MEASUREMENTS IN UNDERGROUND TUNNELS: The research team from Slovenia, led by Ivan Novak, visited the site of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids January 11th-13th,2013.They conducted measurements byusing a vibrating quality Bovis scale ("Bovis Scale"). The energy is measured by Bovis scale, and is called bio-foton energy
Number 6,500 at Bovis scale is considered "sufficient" to maintain an energy balance of the organism. Energy value of 6,500 Bovisunits is found, for example in fresh vegetables. Anything above this value positively affects human health. Fresh fruitsor seedshave values between8000-10000Bovis scale conversely.Living in an environment  or consuming food with ion value below 6500 will have a negative effect on us. In large cities, tap water has a value of just 3,500 Bovisscale whichwill reduce body's energy and immune response.

Bovis scalevalues : The preferred value for humans: 8000-10000; Average value  7000-18000; person in excellent health: 8,500 Bovis Units; person in good health: 7,500; tired perons: 6,500; very tired people on the verge of illness: 6,000 , An individual with bio-energy: above 9000; atmosphere in Tibetan temple: 14,000.
Ivan Novak measured biofoton values  in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids   . These results are expressed in Bovisunits: Entrance to underground maze: 15,000; ovoid monolith: 21,000; megalith K-1: 25,000; megalith K-2: 25,000; Healing Chamber: 25,000

Highlights from the Dominican Republic

Puntaje de libertad económica de la República Dominicana es 59,7, lo que su economía más libre 87 en el Índice 2013. Su puntaje general es 0,5 puntos inferior a la del año pasado debido a la disminución en seis de las 10 libertades económicas, como la libertad frente a la corrupción, libertad laboral y la libertad de comercio. La República Dominicana ocupa el puesto 17 entre los 29 países en el Sur y Centro América / Caribe, y su puntaje es la media de la región.

Continuando con sus esfuerzos para promover la diversificación económica y la modernización, el gobierno ha introducido reformas estructurales para revitalizar la economía. Un alto grado de apertura al comercio y la inversión mundial ha ayudado a la transición a un sistema económico moderno y competitivo, y modestas tasas fiscales han impulsado la competitividad.

Sin embargo, la falta de impulso político para profundizar las reformas institucionales sigue siendo un grave obstáculo para el avance de la libertad económica. Los obstáculos más visibles en desarrollo del sector privado implican la burocracia administrativa y la falta de respeto a los contratos. Ineficiencia gubernamental y la corrupción generalizada afecta a gran parte de la economía. Ejecución judicial de los derechos de propiedad sigue siendo vulnerable a la interferencia política y las regulaciones laborales rígidas son un impedimento para reducir el alto nivel de desempleo.

En mayo de 2012, Danilo Medina, apoyado por el centro-izquierda de tres mandato del presidente Leonel Fernández del Partido de la Liberación Dominicana, fue elegido para suceder a Fernández como presidente. Antes de la crisis financiera mundial 2008-2009, la República Dominicana estaba disfrutando de un aumento en el crecimiento económico impulsado por el turismo, las telecomunicaciones, la fabricación y maquila. La economía se recuperó algo en 2010 y ha continuado disfrutando de un crecimiento moderado con la ayuda de un contrato de $ 1,7 mil millones del FMI espera. El Centro América-República Dominicana-Estados Unidos Acuerdo de Libre Comercio ha contribuido a impulsar la inversión y las exportaciones y reducir al mínimo las pérdidas de cuota de mercado a los fabricantes de textiles asiáticos. La corrupción, el gasto gubernamental derrochador, y el servicio eléctrico confiable reducir rendimientos de las inversiones, impulsando el alto desempleo.





The Dominican Republic’s economic freedom score is 59.7, making its economy the 87th freest in the 2013 Index. Its overall score is 0.5 point lower than last year due to declines in six of the 10 economic freedoms, including freedom from corruption, labor freedom, and trade freedom. The Dominican Republic is ranked 17th out of 29 countries in the South and Central America/Caribbean region, and its score is about average for the region.

Continuing its efforts to promote economic diversification and modernization, the government has introduced structural reforms to revitalize the economy. A relatively high degree of openness to global trade and investment has aided the transition to a modern and competitive economic system, and modest tax rates have boosted competitiveness.

Nonetheless, the lack of political momentum for deeper institutional reforms remains a serious obstacle to advancing economic freedom. The most visible constraints on private-sector development involve administrative bureaucracy and the lack of respect for contracts. Government inefficiency and widespread corruption affect much of the economy. Court enforcement of property rights remains vulnerable to political interference, and rigid labor regulations are an impediment to reducing the high level of unemployment.

In May 2012, Danilo Medina, backed by three-term President Leonel Fernández’s center-left Dominican Liberation Party, was elected to succeed Fernández as president. Before the 2008–2009 global financial crisis, the Dominican Republic was enjoying a surge in economic growth led by tourism, telecommunications, and maquiladora manufacturing. The economy rebounded somewhat in 2010 and has continued to enjoy moderate growth aided by a $1.7 billion IMF standby agreement. The Central America–Dominican Republic–United States Free Trade Agreement has helped to boost investment and exports and minimize market-share losses to Asian textile manufacturers. Corruption, wasteful government spending, and unreliable electric service reduce investment returns, driving high unemployment.

 Pravda prema srpskim žrtvama ustaških pogroma davno je i surovo namirena, za razliku od srebreničkog i drugih zvjerskih cehova četničke pomame

Mr Vlastimir Mijovic , Dnevni avaz


Srpskoj javnosti savjest je očigledno nemirna. Neće to ona javno priznati, ali načini na koji se traže opravdanja za zločine koji su, u ime te nacije, činjeni prije dvadesetak godina, pokazuju da su oni svjesni grijeha koji nose na duši.

              A da bi ga olakšali, uvijek se iznova laćaju natezanja razloga zbog kojih bi ti zločini, prema njihovom viđenju, nekako dobili iole racionalan smisao.
Ove nemoguće misije poduhvatio se i Vladimir Lukić, u ratu predsjednik srpske "šumske" vlade, potom učesnik dejtonskih pregovora, a danas, tobože, ekspert za srpsko nacionalno pitanje. On je, povodom 21-godišnjice formiranja RS, ocijenio da su zvjerstva počinjena srpskom rukom u tom periodu bila potaknuta zločinima koje je srpski narod pretrpio tokom Drugog svjetskog rata. Hoće se reći da je naknadna pravda, a ne velikosrpska koljačka zaslijepljenost, kobajagi dovela do masovnoga pomora Bošnjaka, pa i Hrvata na prostorima do kojih je dosezala srpska ruka ili granata.

Ova Lukićeva teza-tješiteljica nije nimalo mrska srpskoj javnosti, pogotovo onima koji su uprljali obraz tokom četverogodišnjeg krvavog orgijanja po BiH. Zaklon se traži i u biblijskome slovu, koje već hiljadama godina dopušta da se za oko izvadi oko, za zub slomije zub, da se odrubljena glava naplati tuđom.

Ova vrsta opravdanja, izgovora, čak i neke vrste utjehe za nečistu savjest, međutim, lišena je ikakvoga smisla. Ona je potpuno lažna, historijski krivotvorena, bilo da je izgovara mislilac Lukić ili političar Dodik, koji svake godine pomen žrtvama Jasenovca pokušava pretvoriti u političko opijelo tobože nekažnjenim zločinima.

Istina je jasna i svima dostupna. Ona kaže da je stotine hiljada Srba zvjerski potamanjeno tokom ustaško-njemačkoga terora u tzv. Nezavisnoj državi Hrvatskoj (NDH). No, i četnička kama u tom periodu također je mahnito kosila muslimane i katolike. I drugo: ustaški zločini nad srpskim (i drugim) civilima između 1941. i 1945. godine upravo su primjer kako zvjerski projekti, na kraju, skupo koštaju.

Socijalistička Jugoslavija po cijelom svijetu je gonila, pronalazila, sudom ili bez njega likvidirala brojne ustaške koljače i njihove naredbodavce. Glavna crnokošuljaška legla u zapadnoj Hercegovini i decenijama nakon toga bila su pod nepisanom, ali praktičnom kaznom.

A šta tek reći za veliku odmazdu na Blajburškom polju, koje je 1945. postalo masovna grobnica crnih legija. Ona je bila toliko surova i paušalna da je, osim zloglasnih ubica, u smrt otjerala i hiljade običnih vojnika i civila koji, prema današnjim mjerilima, ni u zatvoru ne bi dana proveli.

No, tako se to radilo u finišu Drugog svjetskog rata. Pobjednici su masovno naplaćivali osvetnički danak: zapadni saveznici i Rusi zgromili su poraženu Njemačku, a Amerika se nad Japanom iživljavala i atomskim bombama.

Historiju se može na razne načine tumačiti, ali se ona ne može činjenično prepravljati na način na koji to rade razni Lukići. Štaviše, upravo to njihovo mahanje lažnim izgovorima potcrtava potrebu da i novovremeni zločini, ovaj put srpski, budu dosljedno kažnjeni.

A nisu: od Srebrenice, preko Žepe i Foče, do Prijedora i Bijeljine, još se mirno šetka masa ubica kojima su - za Lukićevog, Karadžićevog i Mladićevog vakta - ruke do lakata ogrezle u tuđoj nevinoj krvi.


فيمكانماعلىقوسقزح عزيزيالقارئ،

هاقدعدنامنجديدبعدفترةانقطاعقصيرة،وبحلةأفضلمنالسابق. هذهالنشرةتمثلفرصةللقارئينوالكاتبينمنمختلفالخلفيات،والذينيتمتعونبموهبةالكتابةالابداعية. فينفسالوقتتعطيالفرصةلهمليكونواسفراءللدولالتيأتوامنها.

نحنندعوكمللذهاب معنا برحلةمنأقصىصحاريالصومالالىأعاليجبالالهملايا والىأعماقنهرتيجري،سنرىأجملرقصاتوأزياءالبلقان،ثمنذهبلمشاهدةغروبالشمسفيأبهىصورهفيالدارالبيضاء. ثمنذهببرحلةلرؤيةالمياهالفيروزيةمنالبحرالادرياتيكيتحتالمطرفيالصيف. وأخيراً نجلسلشربللقهوةمعفنانيالخطالفارسيوالتحدثإلىالشامانمنالقبائلالأفريقية.

هذهالرحلةستكونمختلفةعنغيرها. وأنتقادممنبلادبعيدةوجميلةمازلتتسميهابلادك.ندعوكإلىالفضاءبينأحلامكوالواقع،و بينالآمالالخفيةوالمملةالىالظهريومالأحد.

هذهالرحلةتحدثبيناثنينمندقاتالقلبواثنينمنالأفكارالتيتجولفينفسالوقت. ستسيرعلىالأقدامبينالماضيوحدودالآن،وعبرهذاالانقسام. سندخلفيعالمالظلالوالألوانالتيهيالأكثروضوحاعلىطولهذهالحدود.لماذانذهبفيهذهالرحلة؟الجوابسيكونمختلفاعنكلواحدمنكم. ويمكنلذلكأنبساعدنافيحدودعالمناالخاص.


أريدالتنويهبأنرئيسالتحريرالجديدهوالسيدMeaghanCulkeen. وسيتمطباعةكلنشرةبكلمناللغةالإنجليزيةولغةأخرىمستخدمةفيBCCRD،هذاالنشرةستكونفياللغةالعربيةوالانجليزية. لمديرالتحرير،السيدة acRosa Moji،هيمنسقةمركزالتعددالعرقيوالثقافي.


خلالالسنةالماضية،نمتمؤسسةBCCRD لتصبحواحدةمنالمؤسساتالأكثروضوحافيمنطقةالشاطئالشماليوعلىنطاقواسع. لديناالآن 12 موظفاممنيتكلمأكثرمن 15 لغة. منالناحيةالمالية،قدتضاعفالميزانيةثلاثمراتمقارنةمعالعام 2010. بدأنامركزالتعددالعرقيوالثقافيبسلسلةمنالأمسياتالثقافية التيتقدمقصصمنبلدانالمنشألدينا،وعقدنابرنامجفيمايو 2011 بالتعاونمعالمنظماتالمماثلةفيالعديدمنولايةماساشوستس. لقدبدأناللتوبمبادرةجديدة،لدينامركزالطبالبديلالتابعلـBCCRD . وقدتلقتالمؤسسةالعديدمنشهاداتالتقدير،بمافيذلكشهادةمنكليةالطبفيجامعةماساشوستس،ومؤسسةالعملبدونحدودلوصولناللعمالحتىذويالاحتياجاتالخاصة.


مرةأخرى،مرحبابكمفيفضائناالجديد. فيفضاءأعلىمنقوسقزح،حيثالاحلامقدأصبححقيقة