Alternative Treatment Center

Many of the cultures we represent do not practice medicine the same way we do here in the United States. It is the vision of BCCRD to create a comprehensive program that incorporates the medical practices and recipes of those we serve.  

Through the Alternative Treatment Center we aim to educate the current and future medical community about the cultural practices of refugees and immigrants and

 enhance the livelihood of our clients and increase the well being of all of our minds, bodies and spirits.

If you have cultural remedies or all natural processes of healing, and would like to contribute, please forward them to



Preventive Health Program

BCCRD, Inc., as a member of Massachusetts Assistance Association (MAA) Coalition, has received a grant from Office Of Refugees and Immigrants (ORI) to provide services in the area of preventive health education to the Bosnian Community in and around Lynn. Our agency has committed itself to establish on-going assistance to clients as they navigate the health care system and helps them overcome barriers in access to quality health care.

Our team helps clients register for health insurance and make medical appointments. An outreach worker is available to escort clients to health centers, SSA offices and serves as their advocate and liaison to community health centers.

At BCCRD, Inc. we utilize Community forums to distribute translated brochures and fliers full of practical and useful information. We host interactive workshops in collaboration with experts from various health fields.

Some of our past community forums have covered the following topics:

- Women’s health
- Family planning
- Children’s health
- Immunizations
- Substance Abuse
- HIV/AIDS and STD risk reduction
- Domestic Violence

Refugee Community Service Program (RCS) 

This program allows BCCRD, Inc. to provide case management services for new arrivals up to 5 years upon entrance into the United States. This program is also a link with Voluntary Agencies in the area who are crucial in the process of resettlement.
It offers assistance with concrete services—housing, SSI, DTA, school links, health care needs, etc.

Providing Access to People with Disabilities

BCCRD, Inc. works in collaboration with the Massachusetts Commission for the Def and Hard of Hearing to provide services to refugee and immigrant communities with interpretation and translation services. 

BCCRD, Inc. also works with the Mass Rehab Commission to provide training and information to refugee and immigrant communities regarding their rights to benefits and employment for individuals with disabilities.  

BCCRD worked in 2011-2012 with UMASS medical school on a joint Disabilities program to provide outreach to disabled refugees and immigrants and collect data and information to enhance and assist efforts to meet the needs of the disabled populations within these communities.