Please take the time to learn more about the book Nana's Shoes by Bosnian author Aisa Softic.

From the website: "There are books that ought to be read. Nana’s Shoes, a memoir by Aisa Softic, is not one of those books. Nana’s Shoes is a book that must be read. Aisa, a Bosnian Muslim, has written an odyssey, a story that takes its readers through a range of challenges that pit the human spirit against the odds and provide lessons in courage for us all. The story of Aisa and her family is a Bosnian and a Muslim story, but it is above all else a human story". 

Read more about it here:


ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now accepting applications for 2 new positions! The first is for a teacher for our ESOL/Civics program. You can find details for the position here. We are also looking for a volunteer or intern for our employment and training program. Please submit a resume and cover letter if you are interested in either position to


We are happy to announce that BCCRD has recently received a $5,000 donation from the Highland Street Foundation per the request of Trustee David J. McGrath to support our ESOL program. 

We are pleased to announce that BCCRD, Inc. has received final recognition from the Board of Immigration Appeals within the Department of Justice to legally do immigration work and provide services!