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 ESHI (Ethnic Self Help Initiative)

  Post Resettlement Community Service Program

  Preventive Health Program

  Interpreting and Translation

  Citizenship program

  Computer Program

  Volunteer Program



  Assessment of needs

  Support and services for victims of domestic violence

  Providing a space for Community dialogue

  Education and outreach in the areas of Social Services and Health related issues

  Cultural orientation and activities

  Counseling, referral, and concrete services

  Interpreting and Translation

  Legal Assistance

  Tutoring for High School Students



ESHI (Ethnic Self Help Initiative)
ESHI is a program fully funded by ORI. Program has entered its' third year.

This program allows us at BCCRD, Inc. to provide services of support for refugees up to 5 years upon arrival to the United States.

Via this program, we have been able to serve over 100 refugees who live in Lynn and adjacent areas in past two years.


Post Ressetlement Community Service Program
 This program allows BCCRD,Inc. to provide case management services for new arrivals up to 7 years upon arrival to the United States. This program is also a link with VolAg-s/ Voluntary Agenciesa in the area/ who are crucial in the progess of ressetlement.

This Program has served more that 150 refugees so far offering assistance with concrete services/ hosuing, SSI, DtA, school links, health care needs, etc/ in the period of two years.


Preventive Health Program
BCCRD, Inc., as a member of MAA Coalition, has received a grant from Office Of Refugees and Immigrants to provide services in the area of preventive health education to Bosnian Community in the Lynn area. Agency has committed itself to establish on- going assistance to clients as they navigate the health care system and helps them  overcome multiple barriers in access to quality health care.

BCCRD, Inc provides culturally appropriate and linguistically accessible educational information / brochures, flyers/.

BCCRD, Inc., as a part of it’s program, assist clients to enroll in health insurance and make medical appointments. Our outreach worker is available to escort clients to health centers, SSA offices and serves as their advocate and a liaison to Community Health Centers.

 At BCCRD, Inc. we utilize Community forums to distribute translated brochures and flyers with practical and useful information. At our site, we host interactive workshops in collaboration with experts from various health fields.

Some of the Community forums cover following topics:
  • women’s health
  • family planning
  • children’s health
  • immunizations
  • substance (alcohol, cigarettes and drugs) use
  • HIV/AIDS / STD risk reduction
  • domestic violence
  • MASS Health



Interpreting and Translation
This Program stated in November 2004. BCCRD,Inc. will be able to provide bilingual and bicultural assistance to our clients who need this kind of help for addressing needs in medical, legal or educational settings.

We will create brochures and flyers in native language about issues which will help our members better understand the system in their new country.


United States citizenship
is firmly established in the U.S. Constitution and invites newcomers to participate in the democratic process.

The BCCRD’ s proposed citizenship program responds to a continuing demand for citizenship services in the greater Boston area and the North Shore, and the particular needs of refugees who will be reaching seven years in the U.S. and are vulnerable to losing SSI benefits.

Scope of services available at our agency:
Summary: Provide immigration counseling and assistance /form N-400/

Specific: Reach and contact possible clients eligible for Citizenship
            Application Complete and file Citizenship Application
            Provide translation and interpretation as part of filing process
            Follow up on pending cases in timely manner
            Track all cases and maintain complete and accurate records and reports.


Computer Program
This Program has entered its' second year. So far BCCRD, Inc. has organized two computer courses/ Basic skills course and Excell Program course/. Programs were taught by bi-lingual teachers.

Our next course will start in January 2005/ Word, Windows, and Internet/.


Volunteer Program
BCCRD, Inc. has a small group of dedicated volunteers. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for High School graduates and first year college students from our Community to have a place where they can learn and practice delivery of services to  refugee groups.

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